Mary Ann Boysen

PictureMary Ann Boysen, Chagrin Falls watercolorist since 1974, began her career when she moved there by doing sketches of local landmarks. Then she attempted painting in watercolor, which had been her desire since college. After studying with Florian Lawton, Lowell Ellsworth Smith, and numerous other experienced watercolorists from around the country, she blossomed with courage and determination to have this as her medium of choice. Having only studied watercolor for one year and three months, she won Best in Show at Gates Mills in April of 1975. Wanting to catch up after years of no artistic endeavor, she painted 10 to 12 hours a day…stopping only to feed and clothe her children, help with homework, drive them to activities and tuck them in bed. You might say she was driven.

When she began selling her paintings her comment was, “the color of incentive is green”…meaning that the sales gave her the incentive to paint more and more.  Mary Ann’s subjects run the gamut from still life to architecture, landscapes, broken glass, cut glass, lace and flowers and she works on various surfaces.  At the Bodenheimer-Mayer House you can see works on traditional watercolor paper, Rtistx Board, Fredrix Watercolor Canvas, Strathmore Board and tempered Masonite.  Soon the gallery will be exhibiting her latest work in a new medium, water mixable oils.

In addition to being a nationally recognized artist, Mary Ann is an accomplished teacher and author.  She has taught classes at the Cleveland Institute of Art and other prestigious organizations throughout the country.  She has been published nationally and has written three e-books on water color painting techniques.  In addition, she has produced 15 videos that appear on Youtube: and she has followers from all over the world.

After leaving her own gallery in 2001, she began teaching and traveling.  While taking students to Europe, she was able to paint in the famous places she had studied, like Monet’s garden, the streets of Paris, and other locations in Provence in the south of France.   She has taken her talent to South Africa to work in an AIDS hospice for children, painting portraits and giving them to children who had never seen their faces other than in the reflections of windows.  She has traveled to South Africa twice to do this bidding.

Since retiring from the national juried show circuit, she is spending more time with fine crafts for the Children’s Guild of Cleveland, and was the co-chair for the Creations Benefit in October, for two years. The Children’s Guild has re-invented her, you might say. Her love for crafts goes back to her childhood and discovering new ways to put “old” things together to make “new” things is exciting to her.

Mary Ann has received numerous awards in national juried competitions including: Water Color Ohio, the Kentucky Water Color Society; the Mississippi Grand National; the Greater New Orleans International; the Ohio Watercolor Society; and the Blue Grass Painting Exhibition, among others. Most recently she won Best in Show at Gates Mills in 2011, and the Paul Meunier Award in 2012 for another painting of a bird’s nest. In 2009 she won First place at Gates Mills for a painting on Rtistx Board.

Her art can be found in private and corporate collections across America, including JP Morgan Chase Bank, KeyCorp, Nestles Corporation, PNC Bank, Wells Fargo, the Ohio Bar Association and Cummins Diesel, among others.  One of her paintings will soon be featured on Rtistx Board watercolor surface labels.