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Boston & Sandwich Glass

Cobalt Salt, Shell Pattern; c1830-40

Decanter, c1820; 8 1/4″ tall plus stopper
Basket of Flowers with Rosette Salt, c1830 – 40
Footed Celery, Block and thumbprint footed celery; Starch blue; Sand surface
Oak Leaf Dish, 7 1/4″ diameter
Pair of Canary Petal and Loop Candlesticks; Reacts under black light; 1840 – 1860
Amethyst Block and Thumb Print Vase; 9 1/8″ H; 1840 – 1860
Amethyst Whale Oil Lamp; Original burner; 1840 – 1860
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Dalzell, Gilmore, & Leighton Co.

Findlay Onyx Covered Sugar Bowl; Ivory onyx with platinum flowers; c1889
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Gillinder & Sons, Inc.

Burnt Match Holder; Milk glass; Used with a hanging oil lamp; c1900 – SOLD
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Hobbs Glass Company

Blue Opalescent Celery
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Jefferson Glass Company

Opalescent Ruffled Bowl; Jolly Bear; 1906 – 07; 8 1/2″ D.
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Mt. Washington/Pairpoint

Wave Crest Biscuit Jar, Decorated with a floral pattern. It is approximately 6 1/4″ tall excluding the lid and swing handle. – SOLD
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White Opalescent Rose Bowl; Spanish lace motif
Blue Opalescent Celery; Spanish lace motif
Blue Opalescent Rose Bowl; Klondyke pattern
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Pittsburgh Glass

Pittsburgh Boat Salt, Cobalt Lacy Glass; Made by Stourbridge Flint Glass Works near Pittsburgh; c1825; Stern marked Pittsburgh
Decanter, Blown glass stopper; Attributed to Bakewell, Pears & Company, Pittsburgh; 1836 – 1882; 6 3/4″ tall plus stopper
Rare Dolphin Console Set; Includes compote and two candlesticks; 6″ tall

Portage County Ohio

Blue Opalescent Salt; Franklin, Kent or Mantua Glass Works; 2 3/4″ H; 2 5/8″ D
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Opalescent Toothpick Holder; Seashells; Dolphin feet
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L. G. Wright

Canary Opalescent Corn Vase – SOLD
Amberina Pickle Castor; Silver plate cover, stand and tongs – SOLD
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Zanesville Ohio Glass

Zanesville Glass Sheperd’s Masonic Flask, GIV-32; Aqua, Shepard & Company, Zanesville, Ohio c1825
Zanesville Glass Aqua Globular Bottle, 24 Ribs with an open pontil and rolled lip; Approximately 7 1/2″ tall by 5 1/4″ in diameter;
Zanesville Glass Deep Amber Globular Bottle, 24 ribs; Possibly the White Glass Works, Zanesville Ohio; Approximately 8 1/2″ tall x 6″ diameter; c1820
Pattern Molded Open Salt; Cobalt blue; 24 vertical ribs; six petal applied base; Attributed to a Zanesville glass house; c1825; 2 7/8″ H , 2 1/2″ diameter – SOLD
Zanesville Glass Dr. Blocksom’s Chemical Warehouse Zanesville; Pontil mark; 4 1/8″ H
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Unattributed Glass

Blue Satin Glass Quilted Celery; Silver plated stand with flowers flanking the celery at top and bottom; Stand marked for Manhattan Silver Plate Company; c1880
Cranberry Opalescent Console Bowl;
Beaded Oval Spoon Holder; Cauliflower blue
Blue Acanthus and Scroll Cruet; Clear stopper
Mustard or Relish Jar; Silver plated cover with bird finial; Sterling spoon – SOLD
Cobalt Blue Pickle Castor; Polychrome enamel decoration; Silver plate stand, cover and tongs – SOLD
Block Optic Pickle Castor; Silver plate stand, cover and togs; Stand features three cherubs and a bird finial
Canary Block and Thumbprint Vase; Reacts under black light; 10 3/4″ H
Cranberry Christmas Snowflake Finger Lamp
Canary Kerosene Lamp; Reacts under black light
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